City of Cleveland Demolishes Massive Victoreen Building on Woodland Avenue

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Indicates another milestone in the Safe Routes to School Demolition Program

CLEVELAND – Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Ward 6 Councilman Blaine Griffin will host a press conference at 10101 Woodland Avenue on Thursday, May 30, 2019 to discuss the Safe Routes to School demolition program and progress since its 2017 launch.

WHO:          Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Councilman Blaine Griffin (Ward 6), Director of Building and Housing Ayonna Blue Donald

WHAT:        Demolition of the Victoreen Building at 10101 Woodland; press conference announcing updates on the Safe Routes to School Program 

WHEN:        Thursday, May 30, 2019, 11 a.m. 

WHERE:       10101 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44104 

WHY:           Abandoned properties create significant safety concerns. The City has implemented a demolition strategy that follows identified ‘safe routes to school’, with the intention of demolishing hundreds of structures along these routes to make them safe for children. The demolition of this large commercial structure is just one more example of the ongoing achievements of this program.

About the Victoreen Building at 10101 Woodland Avenue*

Historically, the Property was commercial or light industrial since at least 1927 until vacated in or about 1994. The original occupant was identified as Ohio Bell Telephone/Western Electric Co. (warehousing and storage yard for telephone equipment, telephone poles, cables; vehicles garage), through approximately 1955, followed by Clark Controller Company (producer of auxiliary electrical control apparatus for heavy-duty applications) until occupied by Victoreen Instrument Co. (x-ray dosimeter equipment manufacturer), which vacated in 1994 and transferred the Property to Kordi Inc. (unknown and not currently viable entity). From various historical information sources, the Property was acquired by the Cathedral of Praise following foreclosure in 2002, and began renovations in June 2008.

However, in 2009, the Property was acquired by Harper Industries, which was granted a demolition contract to raze the complex. The buildings caught fire during the demolition process in September 2014 and the project was abandoned, leaving the four-story building (west side) still standing, with remnant foundations/crawlspaces of the former building on the east side and on the north end of the west building still remaining. North- and east-adjacent land has been vacant (light industrial farther north and east); land use to the west (downslope and beyond rail lines) has been light industrial (coal yard, roadway materials); and, land use to the south has been residential.

(* EA Group, Environmental Site Assessment)

About the City of Cleveland

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