The City of Cleveland Board of Control Approved the Vendors for the 2019 All-Star Game Week

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

CLEVELAND – Today, the City of Cleveland Board of Control approved the vendors who are authorized to operate during the 2019 All-Star Game week. Information is provided below outlining the vendors, vendor zones, badging and regulations for approved vendor operators during the All-Star Game week from July 5th – 9th.

Note: Press Conference will be held on July 2nd to announce the official start of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game week.

In addition to the security and transportation plans developed through a partnership of local, state and federal law enforcement and public safety agencies the City of Cleveland has developed rules for specific operation of vendors during the All-Star Game week.

Vendor Regulations

These rules and regulations were developed for the safety and protection of those attending the All-Star Game events and for the authorized vendors.

Due to restricted access to certain areas of the City based on federally mandated guidance and an expected increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic during the All-Star Events, the following Regulations are in effect under the authority of Section 697A.04, Codified Ordinances of Cleveland, Ohio, 1976 (“C.O.”) and apply to all vendors in the Central Business District during the effective period of July 5th – 9th.

Vendor Regulations: Find the full set of vendor regulations and guidelines here.

Vendor Badging

Only vendors with “Special Event” credentials will be authorized to vend in the designated vending zones.

All-Star Game Week Approved Vendors and Vendor Zone Maps

Please note: Today the Cleveland City Board of Control approved the vendor list linked above. No additional licenses are being issued to operate during the 2019 MLB All-star game.

Health Information/Guidance

Transit and events associated with the ASG will potentially require extensive walking and outdoors exposure. The forecasted daytime temperatures for this time period are lo-to-mid 80s. Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes, make appropriate use of sunscreen, and to stay hydrated by consuming water and non-caffeinated beverages.

Attendees on medications should bring enough medication for the duration of the visit.  As a precaution, attendees are encouraged to carry the day’s supply of medications with them.  Attendees with medical conditions are encouraged to keep a list containing their medical conditions, medications taken (including dosage and frequency), and physician’s telephone numbers readily identifiable on their cell phone or on their person.

Please remember to practice good hand hygiene during your time at the ASG.  This includes washing hands with soap and water for 15 seconds after using the restroom, after changing a child’s diaper and before eating or preparing food.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizer may be utilized when soap and water is not available.

Public Transit

RTA All-Star Game Schedule:

Ride RTA to the All-Star Game festivities. Park for free at any of our rail stations, and enjoy service on the Red, Blue and Green Line, which will operate an hour after the games end. However, due to major track projects, expect changes to Red Line service, from June 30 – July 13. During this time, Red Line trains will be replaced with 66R buses between W. 117 and West Blvd. Customers may ride the Red Line between the Airport and W. 117, then transfer to a 66R bus to get to West Blvd, and then back to a train from West Blvd to Tower City and to points east. Check the new timetable online now, or call the RTAnswerline (216-621-9500) for more information.

Ride Share and Taxi Locations

  • Progressive Field
    • Erie Ct.
  • Play Ball Park
    • W. 3rd between Frankfurt and Summit

Activity Schedule for All-Star Week is linked here:

For most updated information on schedule of events please visit

Online Information

Law Enforcement and Public Safety partnering agencies encourage members of the public, visitors, delegates, and public safety partners to share information regarding All-Star Game security prior to and during the events by utilizing #AllStarGame on social media.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety partnering agencies will use the below online resources for communicating useful information on street closures, traffic disruptions and more:

Additions or updates to this plan may be made prior to or during the All-Star Game week and will be available through the City’s public records portal under trending topics.

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