Mayor Jackson and Chief Williams Announce Administrative Charges for Police Officers Loehmann, Garmback, and Cunningham

Friday, January 13, 2017

CLEVELAND – Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Safety Director Michael McGrath and Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams and Deputy Chief Wayne Drummond announce that the Integrity Control Section, the Quality Control Office and the Critical Incident Review Committee have completed the investigation relative to the officer involved shooting occurring on November 22, 2014.

The Critical Incident Review Committee (CIRC) was formed in February of 2016 to conduct a thorough administrative review of the actions of all employees and officers involved in this incident. The CIRC consists of members of the Cleveland Division of Police Command Staff, Integrity Control Section and Training Section, along with members of the City of Cleveland Law Department, Office of Professional Standards and Community Relations Board.

Parallel to this investigation, the Department of Public Safety Quality Control Office conducted an investigation into the hiring of Patrol Officer Timothy Loehmann, specifically the application documents filed by Loehmann.

As a result of the investigation conducted by the Integrity Control Section, the Quality Control Office and the Critical Incident Review Committee, administrative charges were recommended. Copies of charge letters for Patrol Officer Timothy Loehmann, Patrol Officer Frank Garmback III and Patrol Officer William Cunningham II are included in this release. Administrative charges against one other member are forthcoming and a copy of that letter will be made public once it is available.

The review was completed and findings presented to Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams. Chief Williams reviewed the findings and determined that the rule violations discovered during the investigation reached the level to be forwarded to the Safety Director’s office for an Administrative Hearing for final determination.

Safety Director Michael McGrath will hold disciplinary hearings for Patrol Officers Timothy Loehmann, Frank Garmback and William Cunningham.