Senior Advisory Council

 216.664.2833 - Weekdays 8 am to 5pm

The Department of Aging Advisory Council is a diverse group of individuals who represent the concerns of Cleveland seniors and adults with disabilities. The purposes of this council are:

  • To advise the Department of Aging regarding issues of importance to older persons and adults with disabilities in Cleveland
  • To provide input regarding programs and long term planning
  • To advocate on behalf of Cleveland's older persons and adults with disabilities

Most notably, the Council responds to consumer needs by helping to shape City policy. For example, the Council has made resolutions to increase funding for Adult Protective Services, Senior Block Grants, and Transportation for Seniors. 

Each City Council member recommends one nominee to represent their ward through attendance at quarterly Advisory Council meetings for a four-year term.

Pearl Thompson
Ward 1
Rick Wallace
Ward 2
Bonnie Walker
Ward 3
Luadrie Turner
Ward 4

Patricia Williams
Ward 7
Paulla Ireland
Ward 9
Mary Fayne
Ward 10
David Blade
Ward 11

Farai Q. Malianga
Ward 12
Liz Kilroy Hernandez
Ward 13
Millie Bellamy
Ward 14
Bernie Rose
Ward 15

Cathy Sabolik
Ward 17

Maureen Whitford

James Lamb
Doreen Banks

Current vacant seats:

    • Ward 5
    • Ward 6
    • Ward 8
    • Ward 16