Division of Correction

This Division is made up of two primary sections. The Cleveland City Jail receives, books, processes and houses individuals arrested by the Division of Police. House of Correction is responsible for long-term housing of those found guilty of misdemeanor offenses and sentenced by Cleveland Municipal Court.

Division History

Originally established in 1859 on the West Side's Scranton Road, House of Correction moved to Warrensville in 1904, becoming part of the 2300 acre "Cooley Farms" (named for the Health and Welfare Institution's Director at that time), a project which included an infirmary, tuberculosis sanitarium and cemetery. There the inmates participated in several activities including fruit and vegetable farming and the operation of a dairy, cannery, blacksmith shop, sawmill, and pig farm.

The Cleveland City Jail, currently located at the Justice Center, has supported the Cleveland Division of Police since the 19 th century. On September 10, 2007 employees of these two sections were brought together to form the Division of Corrections.