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Channel 20 is the best place for City of Cleveland news, activities, programs, and events. TV20's primary goal is to make local government more accessible and understandable with programming that covers a broad range of information. Current Schedule

TV20’s Weekly News Wrap-Up
The wrap-up has the whole story- with breaking news and announcements- TV20 keeps Cleveland residents informed about what’s happening in the city.

Frank Talk
These are challenging times at City Hall. At the center of it all is Mayor Frank G. Jackson leading the effort to turn Cleveland’s economy around and redefine what a great American city stands for. This in-depth discussion with the Mayor is called Frank Talk. The Mayor talks about issues, concerns and solutions aimed at improving quality of life.

Catching Up with Council
Before it becomes law in Cleveland it must pass through City Council. TV20 keeps Cleveland up-to-date on all the legislation that matters to neighborhoods and residents' quality of life.

Bottom Line Up Front
"News you can use!" with Dan Williams, the Media Relations Director from Mayor Jackson’s Office of Communications.

TV20 Sports
Featuring the best action as City of Cleveland Recreation Centers battle it out for championship titles on TV20 Sports!

A Closer Look
Chief of Government Affairs Valarie J. McCall discusses issues concerning City, State and National government.

Everyday People
Current issues that impact the community.

Cleveland Justice
Anyone who likes courtroom dramas will LOVE Cleveland Justice!

Hot Topics
This show provides an in-depth look on what is happening around Cleveland, featuring interviews with guests who inform the public with hard-hitting issues and stories.

The Polka Train
This show features local musicians playing the best polka music! Hosted by Don Gorski, this long running show is sure to get feet moving and faces smiling. Time to break out the pierogis and kielbasa, and turn the music up because it's time for the Polka Train!

Listen Up Cleveland
Cleveland is known as the heart of Rock n’ Roll and it also has a great fashion scene. Host Leah Haslage gives the inside scoop on what’s happening in music and fashion in the city!

Christian’s Eye on Cleveland
This show features special interviews and visits to various Cleveland sporting, community and school district events! Viewers can join Host Christian Patterson on his journey around Cleveland to see what’s going on right here!

Reel Cleveland
This is a showcase of local artists, entertainers, events & arts organizations. Host Justine Greenwald features arts events that people might not be aware of to promote & encourage people to come on out and experience Cleveland's culture.

Consumer Trends
The Community Development Department's Office of Fair Housing and Consumer Affairs discusses the latest developments in consumer trends, recalls, and scams with Host Errol Porter.

Clevelander's learn what's new in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District with CMSD-TV Reporter Shannon Kantner.

Local Television Market
Operating 24 hours a day, TV20 has an audience of 85,000+ households - and continues to grow. Programming is developed at Cleveland City Hall and the TV20 studio in the Cleveland Conference Center. The signal originates from Time Warner Cable.

Kathy Allen, General Manager
Ms. Allen has worked for TV20 since 1987, and is responsible for the operations of the station. Appointed General Manager by current Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Ms. Allen has worked with the administrations of former mayors George Voinovich, Michael R. White and Jane Campbell during her 25 years with the City of Cleveland. She is passionate about her career with TV20 and following the leadership of Mayor Jackson. Ms. Allen states that her mission is “to educate the citizens of Cleveland about what’s happening in Cleveland through television.” Ms. Allen graduated from Erieview Catholic High School and attended Cleveland State University. She is a proud member of the Word Church. She loves life and she’s a single parent of twin boys, Jeremy and Jordan, who just started their first year of college and are her pride and joy. 

Leah Haslage, Reporter and Host of Listen Up Cleveland!
Leah joined the TV20 team in 2012 as a reporter and social media coordinator. She is also the host of Listen Up Cleveland! She was an In-Arena Host for the Cleveland Gladiators from 2008-2012. Hailing from Cleveland, she represented the city as the 2004 Choose or Lose News Correspondent. Through the opportunity she was able to interview local youth and politicians, and to train at MTV studios in New York City. Since then she has worked as an actress and model, and recently completed her studies at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. She has a blog called LifeWith Leah and may be contacted via email.


Justine Greenwald, Host of Reel Cleveland
Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Justine has always had a passion for the arts.  Singing and dancing was where it all began for Justine with involvement in dance videos, regional theater and musical productions.  This led to various independent television and web-based productions, including commercial and film work. From 2008-2010, Justine co-hosted over 50 episodes of  TV20 Time Warner Cleveland’s “Mic Check 216”, an interview show with local and national celebrities shot on location throughout Cleveland.  Justine has hosted numerous events for Fashion TV Network and TV20 special projects which then became a spirited single host show covering local artists and entertainment in Cleveland called “Reel Cleveland”. Justine has been Meisner trained and has a degree in broadcasting from Arizona State University’s Kronkite School.  Justine is a happy mother of 2 boys, and serves on the board of The Heights Youth Club and Stand Up For Kids.

Christian Patterson, Reporter and Host of The Inside Sports Report
Christian Patterson graduated from Bowling Green State University majoring in Sports Management. He  joined the TV20 staff as a studio assistant. By October of 2010 he was promoted to freelance reporter and the new co-host of The Inside Sports Report. Christian covers a wide range of sports for TV20 including high school, collegiate and professional sporting events. He has also stepped in and co-anchored the TV20 Weekly News Wrap-Up on occasions. Christian has a deep passion for sports, art and fashion. He loves the City of Cleveland and everything it stands for! 


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