Writers and Readers: Paul Beatty

Paul Beatty is the author of Tuff, The White Boy Shuffle, Slumberland, and two books of poetry as well as the editor of Hokum: An Anthology of African American Humor. His 2015 novel The Sellout made him the first American to win the Man Booker Prize in Fiction and earned the 2015 National Book Critics Circle Award in Fiction.

The Sellout tells the story of a modern-day farmer who reinstates slavery in a scathing satire brimming with Beatty’s outrageous humor and rumbling across his self-proclaimed “Richter scale of racism.” Beatty, who set out to see if he could make himself flinch, certainly brings the reader to face to face with race, popular culture, racism, and language in America. “It is,” he says, “about embracing the profoundly profane, the absurd…because the stuff that’s most inappropriate is oftentimes the most necessary and the most beautiful.” ​

Friday, September 21, 2018
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