Mayor Jackson Swore-in Duane Deskins as First Chief of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth & Young Adults

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CLEVELAND – Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson swore-in Duane Deskins as the first Chief of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth & Young Adults for the City of Cleveland.

“We can’t claim to want a different reality for our kids and the communities they live in without becoming more intentional about solutions,” said Mayor Jackson. “As a result of this work we will see increased partnerships, develop leaders, and connect young people to the prosperity our city continues to develop.”

In December Mayor Jackson announced that he created this cabinet level position of Chief of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults and Duane Deskins will lead and coordinate this effort.

Duane Deskins, a federal prosecutor for more than 30 years, joined the Prosecutor’s Office in December 2013 as Chief Prosecutor in the Juvenile Division and Director of Crime Prevention. During his tenure at Justice Department, Deskins worked as an Assistant United States Attorney in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and his native Cleveland. Duane helped shape and implement the department’s Project Safe Neighborhood and Project Sentry (PSN) strategy to reduce violent crime using data-driven initiatives and broad-based community collaborations.

Since taking charge of the Juvenile Justice Division, Duane has led a proactive effort to crack down on youth gang violence within the Detention Center and in neighborhoods throughout Cuyahoga County.

He has worked with police chiefs and community groups alike to deter juvenile crime and present at-risk youngsters with more positive options. He has also forged closer ties between prosecutors at Juvenile Court and those who work downtown at the Justice Center.

Deskins grew up in the Glenville and Shaker Square neighborhoods in Cleveland and graduated from St. Ignatius High School. He received his undergraduate and law degrees from Boston College. He most recently served as the First Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.